Charged With Trust Theft In Alberta?

The penalties stemming from trust theft, also known as employee theft, can be severe although dependent on the measure of theft. Trust theft can be recognized and associated with workplace theft, employee theft, or simply embezzlement. In most cases, company policy is to fully report and charge any employee accused with trust theft to avoid liability regarding suffered loses.

If you have been charged with trust theft, carefully weigh your options with the consult of our experienced criminal lawyer in Calgary today. Greg Dunn can help build your trust crime defense, legal options, and guide you in these matters.

Facing Trust Theft Charges? Hire Greg Dunn To Defend Your Case

Being aware of the differences between major and minor employee theft is imperative when you are facing criminal charges for trust theft. It is less likely the accused will be prosecuted under a white collar offense if less than $5,000 has been stolen, commonly known as “theft under $5,000″ oppose to jail time when “theft over”, or “ theft over $5,000″ has been stolen. In the case of “theft over $5,000″, the accused will be prosecuted for assets valued greater than $5,000 in total. The sentencing for such circumstances result in a breach of trust case and can be severe, all the while qualifying as a white collar crime, resulting in significant jail time, even for the first-time offenders.

The extreme complexity surrounding such white collar criminal charges shows it’s imperative you seek the assistance of a well-resourced, experienced criminal lawyer – call Greg Dunn at 1-403-775-4677 today.





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In the event you have been charged with trust theft, employee theft, or breach of trust, you must hire an experienced, skilled criminal lawyer and receive consultation. The complexity of such cases can often result in significant jail time sentencing within the Province of Alberta. Look no further then Greg Dunn, and get the defense you need to protect your rights: 1-403-775-4677.

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