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A very common white collar crime is forgery, which by definition is the act or art of falsifying, imitating, or attempting to pass of as genuine documents or signatures where one’s legal rights are affected. Forgery is commonly used when committing different types of fraud and identity theft.

Different Forms of Forgery

Forgery can come in many different forms. Many cases have nothing to do with stealing money, stolen credit cards, or forging cheques. However, amongst the most common types are cheque fraud, credit card fraud, and forging travellers cheques. Presenting a forged check, a forged travelers check, or a stolen credit card account cheque to a bank, credit union, or check cashing establishment, any financial institution, incumber these trust crimes. Due to the use of computers and online banking, making it easier for society, check forgery is very common today, opposed to a decade ago when technology was not as easily accessible.

With the intent to defraud, in Alberta, forgery accusations will be made with any of the following:

  • Falsely manufacture, alter, or change any paper, document, check or other type of instrument
  • Are in possession of a written instrument that has been falsified
  • Present or offer any document that has been forged or falsified

Some types of forgery can be considered a victimless crime, such as the use of a fake name to obtain employment, seek medical care, or being arrested and signing with a name other than your own. These types of theft scams will still impact your future employability.





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