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The misuse of company items, property, or finances all revolve around embezzlement, a very common white collar crime in Canada. White collar crimes, such as embezzlement, fraud, and money laundering, impart severe legal consequences once convicted. The penalty for embezzlement is brought forth by the actual monetary value of all misappropriated property.

A person with a higher level financial position, such as a Chief Financial Officer, also known as CFO, or a Controller, are commonly convicted of this type of trust crime. Individuals holding these higher positions typically try to empower themselves by using company funds for personal gain. Employee theft is one of the most common types of embezzlement.

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Establishing Your Embezzlement Defense in Alberta

The prosecution will have to demonstrate a fiduciary relationship between the accused and the party, or entity, owning the misused property or funds. An embezzlement conviction is contingent upon several steps. The property or monies in which were found in the defendants possession must be proven to be a part of such a fiduciary relationship. Finally, that ownership of the property and the intentional misuse of the property must be fraudulently assumed by the defendant.

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Signs of Embezzlement

Employee theft and inaccurate accounting records are both signs of common embezzlement. The Prosecution will focus heavily on inexplicable gaps in records, missing petty cash, unbalanced accounts payable or accounts receivable, multiple or duplicate payments including missing financial documents, such as receipts, or check fraud, if your case reaches a trial. Having full access to company property is not uncommon for employees to have thus allowing for easy access to embezzle such property.

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Embezzlement, money laundering, misuse of company funds or property are white collar crimes that have severe consequences for your personal and professional growth. If you are charged with an embezzlement scam, protect your rights. Call Greg Dunn, our experienced embezzlement defense lawyer to strategically defend your freedom, your rights, your financial status, and your continued employability.