Defending Credit Card Fraud in Alberta

Fraudulently obtaining funds, goods, or services is commonly associated with credit card fraud. Credit card fraud is a term used to describe the act in which an individual has the use of a credit card or similar payment method illegally. In Alberta, credit card fraud is a serious crime which carries severe legal and financial consequences.





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Types of Credit Card Fraud

Obtaining credit cards illegally through the mail, using lost or stolen credit cards, or counterfeit credit cards are merely a few types of credit card scams. There are many fraudulent acts that are also considered forms of credit card fraud, including accessing someone else’s credit card accounts, personal identification numbers (PIN), account numbers, and obtaining equipment or instruments used to carry out such fraudulent acts.

If you have been charged with credit card fraud, debit card fraud, or one of the many types thereof, it is in your best interest to contact our Alberta credit card defense lawyer, Greg Dunn at 1-403-775-4677. Credit card fraud charges may include use of:

  • Visa cards
  • Mastercards
  • American Express (AMEX)
  • Interac cards (debit cards)

Can Credit Card Fraud Penalize You? How?

You can be penalized with an extended prison sentence if convicted of credit card fraud. Such a conviction can also carry with it the court costs and attorney fees. These undoubtedly will impact your reputation, employment, and freedom. If you are being investigated or have been accused of credit card fraud, it is imperative you seek the advice of our experienced credit card defense lawyer at the Calgary law office of Greg Dunn immediately.

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