Data Theft on Debit and Credit Cards in Alberta

The significant rise in credit and debit card data theft, in Alberta, is heightened as our society becomes more proficient in the use of technology. The most common data theft is related to email, online banking, and e-commerce. Identity theft, credit card data theft, and debit card data theft are all, by definition, an act of fraud in which involves the falsified documentation of an individual for the purpose of impersonating that individual for the accused’s personal gain.

With the long lasting financial damage such crime causes a victim, due to the crime’s anonymous nature, such crimes are viewed by the Crown with very little tolerance. Typically, the accused will be charged under the act of constructing virtual copies of a citizen’s personal identification or banking data, fraudulent bank withdrawals, and shopping sprees. Prosecutors, when pressing said charges, react with much sophistication, greater evidence therefore more severe sentencing.





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The Penalties of Credit Card and Debit Card Data Theft in Alberta

The victims of those charged with credit card and debit card data theft will often receive extended sympathy from the court. If you have been accused with such white collar crimes, you should immediately seek the advice of our experienced Calgary criminal fraud defense team at the law office of Greg Dunn. The complexity of the extensive documentation, the evidence, and the Crown’s zero-tolerance is used to discourage other data theft offenders.

A much lighter sentence is incurred when the offense involves frauds with a cash value of $5,000 or less oppose to those involving fraud with a value of $5,000 or greater. With charges of fraud over $5,000, multiple counts of theft may be considered a property Crime. The end value of the fraud will have a serious impact on the accused within the criminal act.

The possible charge of Breach of Trust between the employer and employee can also be associated with such charges, depending on the circumstances. If you are accused of credit card fraud, debit card fraud, and/or identity theft within Alberta, it is imperative to employ the sophisticated services of our Calgary criminal lawyers who understand the severity of data theft charges.

Know Your Rights, Contact Our Skilled Calgary Fraud Lawyers

In order to help you navigate the accused through the legal process, valid warrants and police procedures, and disclosure of the Crown, you should seek the immediate advice of our fraud defense lawyers with a background knowledge in credit card fraud in Alberta. In conjunction with such theft charges, the aspects of your case determine the effect on your future. Contact the criminal law office of Greg Dunn at 1-403-775-4677 to discuss your white collar crime defense options today.

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