Calgary, Alberta: What is Contractor Fraud?

Construction fraud or contractor fraud are serious charges that can affect your business reputation. Being a small business owner in home repairs or renovations, you are potentially at risk of accusations insinuating fraudulent business practices. In the construction industry, disgruntled clients are difficult to maintain and keep happy. Therefore, when there is a disagreement or a dispute between the client and the contractor in regards to the contract on home repairs or home renovations, it is likely you are heading toward being the subject of a fraud investigation.

There are challenges associated with being investigated for fraud. A fraud investigation can severely hurt your business, its value, and its reputation for years to come. In order to protect your future, consult Greg Dunn, our trusted construction fraud defense lawyer today: 1-403-775-4677.





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Penalties Associated with a Contractor Fraud Conviction

If you are convicted of contractor fraud or construction fraud in Alberta, you are going to face a number of legal and administrative penalties. Convictions entail penalties such as fines, fees, court costs, possible business license loss, or restitution. Jail time in such fraud convictions in Alberta are definitely possible as well. The loss of being a reputable company can result in the immeasurable loss of business thus have a major financial impact.

Hire Our Contractor Defense Lawyer in Calgary, Alberta

In order to get the most out of your defense against white collar crimes such as construction fraud or contractor fraud, you should seek the counsel of someone other than your business attorney. A construction fraud defense lawyer is the ticket to defend your fraud case. With the vast knowledge and experience of a well-versed contractor fraud defense lawyer, you can save your business and its reputation from being tarnished. Contact Greg Dunn, focused and experienced in criminal defense lawyer, to save your business today: 1-403-775-4677

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