Charged with Concealing a Weapon in Alberta?

Carrying or using a weapon can land you with a weapons offense and can have you arrested. There are two major categories involved around a weapons charge. First, a concealed weapon or using a concealed weapon is considered a criminal offense by law. A second category of weapons offense happens when you are either carrying or using a weapon to commit a crime.

The severe penalties associated with a criminal weapons charge are dependent on the severity of the charge brought against the accused. If you have been charged, contact Greg Dunn, an experienced, thorough criminal weapons defense lawyer. He can defend you against:

  • Armed robbery charges
  • Illegal possession of a firearm charges
  • Illegal discharge of a firearm charges
  • Weapons-based probation violations
  • Carrying a concealed weapon charges
  • Mandatory Minimum Sentence with a Weapons Offense





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What Penalties Am I Facing with Assault With a Weapon Charge?

Carrying a gun or any weapon – like brass knuckles, knives, or even a blunt object – can have the accused waiting in a jail cell until such time a trial date can be set. This can take weeks or even months; however, a crime involving robbery, where a deadly weapon is used, you can end up with a sentence with a minimum 4-year jail term. More so, this can happen if using or carrying a weapon in the commission of the crime.

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Calgary Weapons Charges