Vehicle Seizures For Impaired Driving:
How Long Can They Last?

The length of vehicle seizure is the same, whether your blood alcohol content is .05, .08 or over .08. Under Bill 26, if you are operating or found to be “in care or control of” a motor vehicle with .05 blood alcohol content or higher you will be facing charges such as:

Graduated Drivers Licensing program: drivers in the GDL program are subject to a strict zero tolerance policy. Any GDL driver found with a blood alcohol content over .00 BAC is automatically subject to a 7-day vehicle seizure.

If I Have Towing And Impound Fees, How Much Will They Be?

Typically, towing a vehicle to an impound lot costs $116+ per tow, plus $2 per additional kilometer past 5 km, however, prices may vary depending on the location and the towing company. Each day your vehicle spends in an impound lot, it will cost you approximately $28 plus GST. For larger vehicles or for longer distance tows, prices will be given accordingly as they tend to be higher. If you would like to have more information on the pricing for towing and/or impound fees, you can visit:





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