License Suspension for Drunk Driving Charges

A license suspension for drinking and driving is effective immediately following a breathalyzer test that reveals your BAC to be .05 or higher while you are in control of a motor vehicle. The length of sentence will be determined on the severity of the charges.

Since the passing of Alberta’s Bill 26, impaired driving is deemed at a .05 BAC. However, most Albertans are still under the assumption they can have the previous “legal limit” of BAC .08 before being charged with a DUI. In any case involving drinking and driving or impaired driving, you should immediately seek the advice of our experienced DUI defence lawyers in Calgary.

License Suspension For .05 Blood Alcohol Content
Or Having A BAC Over .05 (Under .08)

Bill 26, passed in January 2012, states that the duration of a suspended license has been lengthened from a 24-hour period to:

  • First offense: 3-day license suspension
  • Second offense: 15-day license suspension
  • Third offense: 30-day license suspension

However, with this extension in suspension will also come the expense of towing and the impounding of your vehicle.





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License Suspension For .08 Blood Alcohol Content Or Higher In Alberta

In a situation where your blood alcohol content reaches a level higher than .08, you will face a sustained license suspension which can last up to one year due to the amount of time it can take get a court date, let alone the time it takes to resolve a verdict of criminal charges. Once you have been convicted, the prosecution will then set out any further restrictions or penalties you may have accrued because of the charges that were pending. At this point, you only have one option: contact our focused DWI defence team at the law office of Greg Dunn to defend your case – 1-403-775-4677.

Get Legal Defence For Drinking And Driving Charges In Alberta

Don’t compound your mistake by facing them alone; get a qualified lawyer to aid in your defence. Greg Dunn will help resolve your regrettable mistake and get your life back on track.

By questioning the legality of the traffic stop; challenging the methods for determining your sobriety; cross-examining witness’ testimony; questioning the police investigation and procedures; using an expert toxicologist’s testimony, when appropriate, to refute the Crown’s evidence; or employing challenges to laws, codes, statutes, and legislation, Greg Dunn and our skilled impaired driving defence team has the reputation to aggressively defend your impaired charges. Call him today: 1-403-775-4677.

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