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Driving under the influence, driving while impaired, and drunk driving – all of these terms mean the same thing: impaired driving. The legal age to consume alcohol is 18, and the legal limit for Blood Alcohol Content is .08 or 80mg%. However, if you are a youth under the age of 18 and are caught driving drunk, very strict laws are enforced for underage drinking and driving.

If your child has been caught driving impaired, their problems are only just beginning; you will need help if your child is charged. Contact Greg Dunn – 1-403-775-4677 – as quickly as possible to find a resolution to the DUI penalties your child could be facing with juvenile impaired driving charges.

Legal Consequences For An Underage Impaired Driving Conviction

There are many Provincial laws for drivers who breach the conditions of their license, especially if you are a minor or novice driver. Under the Novice Driver Zero Alcohol Tolerance Suspension Program, new drivers (those in the graduated driver’s license program – GDL) are prohibited from operating a motor vehicle with any alcohol in their blood. If a GDL driver is caught with alcohol in their system, they will automatically receive a prolonged license suspension. There are also fines, court costs, and administrative fees that may exceed thousands of dollars.





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If your child has been charged with driving under the influence in Alberta and they are under the age of 18, please consult with Greg Dunn at 1-403-775-4677. Our youth DWI defense team can help protect your child’s rights and your reputation, seeking the most favorable outcome possible. Do not hesitate, contact the law office of Greg Dunn today; get the help you need.

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