Fleeing The Scene of an Accident in Alberta

If you fled the scene of an automobile accident, you have committed a crime. As a motor vehicle operator, you have obligations and steps to follow when involved in an accident according to Alberta law. Whether the accident involves bodily injury or not, if you have fled the scene you can and will face serious penalties not to mention criminal and civil charges. Fleeing the scene of an accident can result in fines, license suspension, and possibly a jail sentence.

Alberta’s Post-Accident Obligations

As previous stated, you have steps to follow when an accident occurs with a motor vehicle. Some of the responsibilities, regardless of fault, consist of:

  • Exchanging contact and insurance information with the other driver
  • Speak to police (if applicable)
  • If the vehicle was unattended or parked, you have to leave your insurance and contact info

Per Alberta law, failure to follow the aforementioned steps can result in a criminal charge against you. To protect yourself, even if you have followed the obligatory steps after an automobile accident, you need an accident defense attorney: contact Greg Dunn at 1-403-775-4677 in Calgary, Alberta.





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In Alberta, Fleeing The Scene of an Accident Has Penalties

Motor vehicle accidents could possibly result in serious damage or injuries, including death. For example, when death is a result of an accident, your penalty will usually result in a 3-year prison sentence, license being revoked, and expensive fines. If there has only been property damage and you have fled the scene, you are looking at possible license revocation.

However, if there has been bodily harm or bodily injury and you flee the accident scene, you are looking at a far more severe penalty: fines, possible prison time, or extended license revocation. Fleeing the scene of an accident has its penalties no matter how insignificant the accident is. If you have been charged with fleeing the scene of an accident, you should contact our hit and run defense lawyer today.

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