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There is so much to lose when you or someone you know is arrested and charged with driving impaired. Greg Dunn, in Calgary, has an established reputation for helping his clients continue with everyday life, even after they have been arrested for a DUI.

Most impaired driving arrests are invoked because of drinking and driving, however, they can also be because of the accused being under the influence of illegal drugs or legal prescription drugs. Impaired driving charges occur when a police officer suspects a substance, chemical, or condition is impairing a driver’s ability to operate a motor vehicle safely.

Trust Greg Dunn’s reputation for helping in the defence of impaired driving charges, which his team will do by challenging the legality of the traffic stop; questioning the methods of determining sobriety; cross-examining witness testimony; challenging the police investigation; using expert toxicologist testimony to undermine the Crown’s evidence; as well as arguing laws, codes, statutes, and legislation. In other words, Greg Dunn’s dedicated DWI defense team is you what need. Retain their services today by contacting their Calgary law office at 1-403-775-4677.





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Loss of License For a DUI In Alberta Is Devastating

Losing your license is a devastating loss. If you have been charged with driving under the influence or a drunk driving accident, your life will be interrupted and stressful for a long time. Listed is what you could be facing with an impaired driving conviction:

  • A permanent criminal record
  • Termination of employment and career Issues
  • Loss of license
  • Inhibited ability to work or care for children
  • DUI car insurance increases
  • Mandatory treatment programs, DUI Classes
  • Immigration status issues

Alberta’s Impaired Driving Laws

DUI Laws, which include driving drunk, DWIs, and impaired driving, state:

  • It is illegal to operate a motor vehicle, while having the care or control over that vehicle, while one’s ability to operate that vehicle is impaired by alcohol
  • You are to be taken into custody on suspicion you are driving drunk; and a qualified technician will take samples of your breath into a breathalyzer device, the Intoxylizer 5000C for example
  • The charge of “over .08,” or “over 80,” when the breathalyzer sample registers over the legal limit of .08.

Police officers and technicians have strict rules and procedures to follow when charging you with complex charges like impaired driving, a DUI, or a DWI over .08, as well as a refusal charge. When the breathalyzer test is given to determine how many milligrams of alcohol is present per 100 ml of blood, the roadside screening device can be in error; alas, various options are open to challenge their measurements.

Solidify your defense with our skilled, dedicated impaired driving defense team to review the prosecutor’s evidence and have it excluded from your trial, using the potential for errors made by the arresting officers.

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