Alberta: Blood Alcohol Chart

Every individual is different in many ways, and many factors need to be considered when alcohol is involved. An individuals blood alcohol content (BAC) can be affected by various factors such as elimination rates, body-core temperature, and interferents (substances that chemically mirror alcohol). However, do not ever think that drunk driving is safe because it is not.

The following charts are mere guidelines and are not to be used to determine if you are in fact under the legal limit, chances are you are not:

Blood Alcohol Chart: Male


Blood Alcohol Chart: Female





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Caught Driving While Impaired With a Blood Alcohol Content
Over .08 in Calgary, Alberta?

Although, these guidelines give you an idea as to the amount of alcohol you may be able to consume and remain under the legal limit, you may have still found yourself with an impaired driving charge. Call the law office of Greg Dunn, in Calgary, to discuss your DUI defense and protect your future

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