Bill 26, The New Drunk Driving Law in Alberta

Alberta’s new drunk driving law, Bill 26 amended the Alberta Traffic Safety Act, came into effect in January 2012. The new law targets those who are repeat offenders with longer license suspensions and vehicle seizures. If you are a repeat offender and have a BAC between .05 and .08, Bill 26 will now have you facing criminal charges.

More Severe Penalties in Alberta Because Of Bill 26

In amending the impaired driving laws, Bill 26 carries heavier consequences. If you are convicted, as a first time offender, the new DUI laws state the penalty for a BAC of .05 will include a 3-day suspension as well as a 3-day vehicle seizure.

The legal limit for impaired driving still remains the same as before: a blood alcohol content of .08. As a first time offender with a BAC of .08 or over, Bill 26 will see you with a sustained license suspension, vehicle seizure, as well as a criminal charge.





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Drunk Driving and Its Prolonged Consequences

If you are convicted of impaired driving, you will also be facing monetary costs such as towing fees and impound fees to retrieve your vehicle after being arrested by police. In today’s society, individuals rely on their motor vehicle to get to and from work, vacations, as well as to simply visit family and friends. The new, amended Bill 26 could have you waiting longer before you can drive again – of course, the length of time is dependent on charges deemed for license suspension over .08 BAC.

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