What Is Alberta’s Ignition Interlock Program?

The ignition interlock is a device in which an individual must install in his/her vehicle after being convicted of drunk driving. This device is used to measure your BAC every time you enter your vehicle. The amount of alcohol in your system will determine whether or not your vehicle will start. Having this device in your vehicle is like having your own personal breathalyzer, to remind you of your unforgettable mistake, drinking and driving.

Who Has To Get An Ignition Interlock Device In Alberta?

First, if you have any questions regarding Alberta’s ignition interlock program, you should consult our experienced DUI lawyers immediately. The ignition interlock program is mandatory for all drivers who have been convicted of operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content twice or more over the legal limit or who were convicted of refusing to provide a sample.





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Alberta’s Mandatory Program and Ignition Interlock Costs

A motor vehicle operator who has been convicted of drunk driving is required by law to assume the cost for any program related to the charge. Therefore, the costs accrued with the application of the program, the course, the device’s installation, the device rental, the restricted license application, the driver road test, and, finally, the device removal is completely out-of-pocket for the individual accused – you. If you are a repeat offender, looking at your second offense, third offense, or more, you will be looking at having to pay for the court-mandated assessment and monitoring.

Costs relating to the ignition interlock device are as follows:

  •  $63 application fee, plus Registry Agent fees
  • $150 + GST: one-time installation fee
  • $105 + GST: monthly rental fee
  • $50 + GST: for removal
  • $220 for “Planning Ahead” Driver Program / $750 for the “Impact” Driver Program (costs subject to change).
  • Restricted operator’s license and road test fees.

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