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Previously, the longest license suspension you could receive under the previous Traffic Safety Act for a BAC between .05 and .08 was a 24-hour period. Now, since the implementation of Bill 26, the license suspension penalty has been increased and has your vehicle seized. The new duration of suspensions is as follows:

  • First offense: 3-day license suspension, 3-day vehicle seizure
  • Second offense: 15-day license suspension, 7-day vehicle seizure
  • Third offense: 30-day license suspension, 7-day vehicle seizure, mandatory board hearing, and remedial course

The Comparison Between a BAC of .05 and .08

Given the increased penalties on a .05 BAC, be aware of your limits. Whether you are out for social drinks, having a glass of wine with dinner, and simply enjoying a few with the boys, safe consumption varies between individuals. It is always a safer bet to never drink and drive.

However, the most important difference between a BAC between .05 and .08 and a BAC over .08 is whether you are charged with a Criminal Code offense. A blood alcohol level between .05 and .08 will not be charged with a criminal offense, whereas a blood alcohol level over .08 could see you convicted of a criminal offense and face more severe penalties including:

  • Vehicle seizure
  • Prolonged license suspension
  • Criminal Code proceedings
  • Mandatory ignition interlock, in some situations.

This goes without saying – the impact of a drunk driving charge will have an irreversible affect on the rest of your life.





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