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While marijuana is a fairly common drug in Canada, it is still illegal in Alberta to possess, deliver, sell, traffic, or cultivate it. There is a belief within the legal system that argues using marijuana will lead to the use of other drugs, prescription narcotics, or other illegal, controlled substances. Marijuana is illegal in Alberta no matter what the circumstances, whether it be found at schools, parties, college campuses, bars or in neighbourhoods in general.

Being charged with a marijuana related crime can have serious consequences for your future. Only a drug crime defense lawyer understands the complexity of Alberta’s marijuana laws. The marijuana defense lawyers at Greg Dunn’s law offices in Calgary can defend all types of marijuana crimes in Alberta, so let us help you today 1-403-775-4677.





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Additional About Marijuana Laws In Alberta

If you have been charged with possession of marijuana, it is important that you know that your penalties (fines or jail terms) will be directly proportional to the amount of marijuana you have been found to have been in possession of.

If you have a substantial amount of marijuana (over 30 grams), then you could be charged with the sale or trafficking of marijuana, which is an indictable offense that will result in a substantial prison sentence in Edmonton, Alberta.

It should be also noted that marijuana charges, in relation to other criminal charges such as theft or illegal weapon possession can have a severe effect on your defense. In these matters, it is paramount that you seek veteran legal counsel for your criminal defence.

The Consequences Of A Marijuana Crime Conviction In Alberta

Don’t risk your career, your family, or your future by trusting anyone else with your drug crime offense. In Calgary, Alberta, call our seasoned criminal defence team and find out how we can build your case regarding a misdemeanour or felony charge.

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Don’t let a marijuana possession, sale, or trafficking conviction spell disaster in your life. Greg Dunn and his criminal drug defence team can help you get the fair trial you deserve. Whether you have been charged with illegally possessing, or attempting to deliver or sell marijuana, we can help you, call us today 1-403-775-4677.

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