Drug Trafficking means Drug Possession

To be in possession of large amounts of illegal or illicit drugs can carry with it an additional charge of drug trafficking, or possessing narcotics with the intent to sell. The negative impact of a drug possession or a drug trafficking conviction with ruin your life entirely because of the severe penalties associated with such drug charges. In order to defend against your drug trafficking charges, it is imperative you contact a criminal law attorney who has the reputation you can count on – Greg Dunn will effectively defend your rights.

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Drug arrest evidence cannot be used against you when the police have illegally searched and seized the evidence, according to the Drug Trafficking Criminal Code in Alberta. Greg Dunn, a seasoned drug crime defense lawyer in Calgary, will prepare your case for trial by examining the following in an attempt to refute the police investigation or prosecution’s case and successfully defend your drug trafficking or possession charge:

  • Was there sufficient probable cause to issue the search warrant?
  • Was there sufficient probable cause to allow for a wire tap?
  • Was a proper search warrant issued?
  • Were the terms of the search warrant executed properly?
  • Is the quality of the evidence against you questionable?





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Convicted of a Drug Trafficking Charge?

The laws in Alberta prohibit a person from being in possession of illegal substances (such as marijuana, ecstasy, crystal meth, cocaine, etc.) under the Drug Possession Laws. An individual being charged with possession must have the knowledge of the illegal substance as well as control over the said substance; and this knowledge must be proven by the Crown Prosecution.

If you are facing charges for drug possession or drug trafficking know that they can come with serious consequences. If convicted, drug trafficking penalties and drug possession penalties can include but are not limited to: fines, court-ordered treatment, or severe prison sentences.

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If you have been charged with a drug trafficking charge, do not wait: contact the respected criminal defense lawyer, Greg Dunn, today: 1-403-775-4677. Having an aggressive, trustworthy attorney can help save you from unnecessary mental anguish. Being found guilty of illegal drug trafficking which will destroy your life, your employment, your financial situation, and your family life with its negative consequences. Consult Greg Dunn to keep your name and your reputation clear of serious drug possession penalties.

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