Cocaine possession charges
and cocaine trafficking charges in Alberta

Cocaine, considered a heavy drug, carries strong addictive qualities which make it hard on individuals who use it. There has been a substantial growth in cocaine use amongst social drug users, in recent years, because of it being so highly addictive. The Crown has made efforts to prosecute those brought up on narcotic charges of cocaine possession and/or trafficking cocaine to the fullest degree, regardless of a first-time offense or multiple offenses.

If you are charged with cocaine possession within Alberta, for this very reason, you should immediately seek the legal counsel of our Calgary criminal drug lawyers, as strong penalties will burden one’s life with lasting effects.





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Penalties for cocaine possession and cocaine trafficking in Alberta

The accused charged with cocaine possession – an indictable offense – could be given a 7-year prison term upon conviction. However, in the case of drug trafficking cocaine, the accused can face imprisonment for life. High profitability as well as its relation to violence within gangs and street level crime – the Crown executes maximum penalties for cocaine possession and cocaine trafficking. With the guidance and advice of our experienced drug defense lawyer, Greg Dunn, said trafficking charges have the chance of being reduced.

Crack Cocaine possession with the purpose of trafficking

Cocaine and crack cocaine are very similar when it comes to penalties issued by the Crown. “Crack” is merely a modified version of cocaine, entailing the same addiction and health issues, hence the Crown reflects both drug crimes with the same charges and penalties.

The severity of the charges require the skill and expertise of a narcotics lawyer. For these reasons, if you are charged with the possession of crack or dealing crack, you should immediately consult with our Calgary criminal drug trafficking defense lawyers at 1-403-775-4677.

Charged with cocaine possession or cocaine trafficking?
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In Alberta, drug charges carry severe penalties that require thorough, dependable criminal lawyers. If you, or a loved one, are facing charges of drug possession or drug trafficking, contact our Calgary criminal law office to speak with Greg Dunn today.

When facing cocaine possession or cocaine trafficking charges in Alberta, a criminal lawyer will examine the terms of your arrest, question such evidence placed against you, and provide you with an exceptional defense. All you need to do is contact Greg Dunn – 1-403-775-4677, our drug defense lawyer, to refute the charges set out against you.

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