Does Alberta penalize people who generally follow the rules?

Impaired driving not a minor traffic offense. It is considered a serious and criminal offence with major consequences. This is why Alberta continues to treat drivers who are over .08 as criminals, to be prosecuted under the federal Criminal Code. The recent changes to Alberta drunk driving laws, introduced by the Allison Redford government, are the toughest penalties for today’s drivers. Until criminal charges are resolved, penalties include:

  • vehicle seizures
  • licence suspensions
  • towing fees
  • impound lot fees
  • drunk driving course fees

Is Alberta “decriminalizing” drunk driving?

It is the government’s thinking that tougher administrative penalties for drivers at .05 or greater serve as an early intervention, giving some drivers the help they need to avoid future criminal charges. This ultimately amounts to an overall reduction in the number of drivers over .08.

Studies have also shown that those who drive with a blood alcohol concentration at .05 or greater are much more likely to be involved in a collision. These drivers pose a very serious risk to themselves and everyone else on the road.

Will these changes result in more people facing
penalties for impaired driving, yet not having a criminal record?

No. Drivers who are over .08 will face criminal charges, they will get a criminal record and repeat offenders will be tracked and penalized accordingly.
Similarly, the administrative penalties allow the Alberta government to identify repeat offenders at the .05 or greater level.

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Posted on January 25th, 2013