Canada Day Checkstops

Over this Canada Day long weekend it’s important to know what your limit is. Canada festivities will held all over Calgary, many of which will be serving alcohol. The increased consumption of liquor mixed with increased prevalence of family activities throughout the city can be a recipe for disaster when partygoers hit the roads.

Ways to Get Home

When it comes to driving while impaired, the decision should be a simple one: If you’ve had one too many, or you even suspect your impaired, find an alternative way to get home. In Calgary, this is easy. There are many alternative forms of transport when you’re impaired:

  • Taxi cab
  • Public transport
  • The Driving Alternative
  • Keys Please

Additionally, Calgary City Council is expected to increase the numbers of taxi cab licences over Stampede to alleviate some of the transportation shortages experienced this time of year.

Drinking & Driving Can be Fatal

In 2013 alone, there have been 15 fatal traffic collisions, 5 of which were alcohol related. Police are making considerable effort to crack down on drunk drivers, and Canada Day will be no exception. Police have historically increased the number of checkstops on holidays and increase their presence on roads to crack down on drunk drivers and those that are driving dangerously.

Police have issued a statement saying, “It’s going to be a beautiful weekend we just encourage everyone to enjoy it, enjoy Canada Day and please don’t drink and drive.”

Charged with Drinking & Driving In Alberta?

If you get charged with a DUI over The Canada Day long weekend, you need to contact a professional DUI lawyer in Calgary. Dunn & Associates professional, private lawyers who will work hard to help you get through a troubling time.





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Posted on June 25th, 2013